Thinking of going on holiday? Find everything you need to keep you safe in one pack. Get a light weight mask, sanitiser, activator spray and a silver lined pouch for £29.99

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Triple-layer face masks from Professor Valerie Edwards-Jones

As seen in the recent Mail Online Health article ‘How Virus Proof is Your Mask’

Washable & Antimicrobial Face Coverings

Every Cloud triple-layered face masks contain a silver-impregnated fabric in the middle layer, and are designed to provide public and personal protection. As government guidelines now advise wearing a face mask in many different
establishments, it’s important to have a quality face mask with optimum protection.

Silver fabric used in our face masks can kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Every face mask is made from polyester cotton to provide comfort and breathability, and can be washed up to 200 times.

Together with silver ion technology, Every Cloud face masks provide an antimicrobial, odour-free layer to increase protection. The masks are activated by moisture, allowing the silver to release ions which kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.
You can activate your masks by either a splash of water on the activation patch, and moisture from your breath will then help to maintain the silver ion technology.


1. The Outer Layer

A comfortable, breathable poly cotton material that is washable without shrinkage at 60C

2. The Silver Layer

A silver impregnated polyester cotton fabric sewn onto the inside of the mask activated by moisture.

3. The Outer Layer (Face)

Another soft poly cotton layer with improved comfort and breathability.

Why Buy Face Masks from Every Cloud?

Reusable - Wash up to 200 times ONLY 7p per wear

Average delivery time 48 hours within the UK


Comfortable, breathable and optimum protection

Manufactured and despatched in the UK

Environmentally friendly


Tried and tested

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Every Cloud Black Antibacterial Reusable Adult Face Mask



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Every Cloud Blue Antibacterial Reusable Adult Face Mask



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Every Cloud Blue Antibacterial Reusable Adult Face Mask



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What our customers say…

“Now knowing the benefits of the impregnated silver layer provides great protection for my family and with such a comfortable fit!”

“We’ve washed our mask after every use and the fit remains the same. Really cost effective for the family.”

“Although limited in colour the quality is evident and the added silver layer which is proven gives me great confidence over your typical mask”